The Remodel …. The Finished Project!

Finally!!!! We made it through a whole house remodel! We started the beginning of June and ended at the end of August! It felt like it went really quick! So here is the finished project!

Our Old House …. The Remodel … Part 1.

Our Old House … The Remodel Part 1 ~ The teardown and gut! You first saw the pictures of the house right after we bought it. At first we didn’t plan on gutting the whole house and starting over everything from walls to the electrical. We were just going to take off the wallpaper andContinue reading “Our Old House …. The Remodel … Part 1.”

Our Old House …. Before the Remodel

Now that I finally have a computer I can finally share our house remodel! Spring of 2012 we bought our 1st home! It was definitely a small house that needed some major work! Let’s just say it looked like it was from the 60s and 70s! We bought it from a couple who were olderContinue reading “Our Old House …. Before the Remodel”