The Remodel … Part 2

Our Old House … The Remodel Part 2 ~ The put back together… FINALLY … after all the demolition of the house, it was finally time to put it back together! WooHoo! If you noticed the big hole that was once there is now patched in and the reason we couldn’t keep the awesome wood floors.Continue reading “The Remodel … Part 2”

Our Old House …. The Remodel … Part 1.

Our Old House … The Remodel Part 1 ~ The teardown and gut! You first saw the pictures of the house right after we bought it. At first we didn’t plan on gutting the whole house and starting over everything from walls to the electrical. We were just going to take off the wallpaper andContinue reading “Our Old House …. The Remodel … Part 1.”

Our Old House …. Before the Remodel

Now that I finally have a computer I can finally share our house remodel! Spring of 2012 we bought our 1st home! It was definitely a small house that needed some major work! Let’s just say it looked like it was from the 60s and 70s! We bought it from a couple who were olderContinue reading “Our Old House …. Before the Remodel”

Well…. Time sure got away from me.

Hey everyone! So turns out it has been pretty crazy around my house lately! There has been a lot going on that I will be sharing with you in the next couple months!  The husband I just got back from our mini honeymoon, yes a mini moon! We decided to get away to the cities,Continue reading “Well…. Time sure got away from me.”

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you all had a safe and an awesome Christmas and New Years! The Holiday’s are officially over at the Kretschmar household. I took down the tree and put away all the Christmas decorations. {They are sitting in 4 large totes in the dining room waiting for my husband to takeContinue reading “Happy New Year!!!!”

Crock-Pot Pot Roast!

I’m sure you have heard of this recipe before but I never had and it’s absolutely delicious!!! I got this recipe from my coworkers at the bank, their families love it! It’s soo simple! 3 packets of seasonings and your meat & vegetables. The Recipe 1 pkt zesty Italian seasoning 1 ranch packet 1 pktContinue reading “Crock-Pot Pot Roast!”