And then she …

Decided it was time to go back to work.

After the last 5 years of running my home daycare, the time has come for me to unfortunately head back to work. As much as I would love to continue staying home with my two kids, it’s just not feasible at this time for my husband and I. The last year I have only had 1 daycare kid and as easy as it was, it wasn’t paying the bills. So finally after about a year of applying for jobs that I really didn’t want, the perfect one came along and everything fell into place and felt right {other than the thought of having to go back to work haha}.

Not going to lie as much as I am excited for this new adventure with this awesome job, I’m still struggling with the thought of leaving the kids but luckily, I was able to get them into a daycare that I know they will love after some adjusting. It will definitely be an adjustment for all of us but I’m most worried about my son. He has been home with me for almost 3 years now. I know he will be fine but the random things that don’t even matter make me pretty anxious. I know in the end it will all be alright. We will only have a 20 min car ride to and from that I’m sure all I will get to listen to is Baby Shark and The Wonkey Donkey. I am off at 4:30 so I will still be able to get home around 5 to make dinner and spend time with them before bed.

I was really hoping I could make it without a job through the summer and start this fall but like I said earlier everything fell into place and like it was meant to be so we went with it! The day I accepted the job and got them into the daycare I had wanted, I really struggled and cried a lot but now I am at a point of getting a little more excited and ready to start. I know it’s going to take some adjusting for all of us, even my husband but I know this is the best for us and now I will be able to provide more for my family without the stress.

So on that note, if you are wondering, I will be keeping Small Town Mrs up and running and instead of being a stay at home mom I will now be a working mom. Which is still okay, because all moms matter and we do what is best for our family because we are awesome like that. Now that I am actually going to have to get dressed and wear more than workout pants and t-shirts, I can’t wait to share more on my style. I got lucky and am able to wear jeans as long as my knees aren’t falling out if you know what I mean, haha so I am on the hunt for great work jeans! If you have any suggestions let me know!

The day I had my interview and got offered the job that afternoon!

I hope you still stick around and follow along on this new adventure for Small Town Mrs and our everyday life in South Dakota now as I work an 8-5 job. Thank you goes out to all of you that have stuck around! It means a lot especially since I know I haven’t been the greatest at posts.

If you have any good tips and tricks on making this transition go smoothly I am open for anything and if you can send any positive thoughts and prayers they would greatly be appreciated with such a big transition.

Much love,


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