2019 a New Year… with New Goals

First post of 2019 with you guys and what better way to start off 2019 is with my goals for the year! If you are new around here, welcome!! First off, if you are reading this THANK YOU!! Thank you to my followers, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this! I started Small Town Mrs as just a way figure out this life as I became a wife and now a mother living in a small town. Things are changing a little on what I want this to be about but it will still stick to being real.

I thought maybe if I share these with all of you, you would keep me in check, help me out and be along with me as I take myself and Small Town Mrs to new levels!

My personal goals for 2019

  1. BE PRESENT with my family!!! The last couple months I’ve realized how fast time is going and how fast my kids are growing up. I also don’t want them to see me constantly on my phone and thats hard trying to grow this little blog so I am going to spend less time scrolling & watching and being more productive with my time on social media.
  2. DATE MY HUSBAND! Not going to lie between 2 kids it’s been a struggle. As much as my children needs attention I forget he needs it to. So I am trying to commit to AT LEAST 1 date night/day just us once a month!
  3. Make “ME” time a priority whether that means taking a half hour to an hour each day to workout or just do my own thing in town by myself, strolling around Target probably. As much as I LOVE being home with my kids all day everyday, it really wears on a mom on top of everything else we have to do. I want to take time for personal development so I can be the best mom and wife to my family. Even if that also means getting up earlier to have that quiet and me time!
  4. BE HAPPY and LIVE HAPPY! I know I’m not the only one looking at everyone’s else’s lives and comparing them and wanting what they have. They got nothing on me and my family anymore! I’m tired of trying to fit into other people’s lives and making other people happy when it just stresses me out and my anxiety starts kicking in and making me question everything.
  5. SIMPLIFY – Quit spending and make our life more meaningful! Adding another little human, and everything that comes with that new human our small home got even smaller and the messy brings out my anxiety and stress. Goodbye things that don’t give me JOY!!! I will be watching the Marie Kondo series on Netflix 😉
  6. Lastly, I want to BE IN THE PHOTOS. I want to quit picking everything apart about myself in a photo I take. I don’t want to look back in a couple years and regret that I have NO photos of the kids and I except for the one time a year we get their pictures done professionally. I want to be in those memories with them not on the sideline.

Now, who’s gonna help me stick to my personal goals? Thanks for reading!!!

I do have different goals strictly for Small Town Mrs. but I’m not quite ready to share those until I figure out a few more details and where I want it to for surely go without taking you guys along on a disaster.

Much love,

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Married 10.4.14, Mommy to Briggs and lover of life, family, baby fashion, food and so much more!

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