4 Years … and a lifetime to go!

Today we are celebrating our anniversary!! We are celebrating 4 years of marriage today! We spent our special day celebrating with our family and friends all day long and into the next day! It was one of the best days of my life along with the days our children were born.

To add to the love going on today it is also my in-law’s anniversary too! Happy 31 {update oops 32} years to you guys! We love you Papa Monte & Mum Mum Sue {according to Briggs} When we picked the day, I knew at that time I wanted a fall wedding with the gorgeous colors and we wanted it to be a special day  that meant something more than just our wedding so Oct. 4 2014 it was, after we asked them if it was okay of course!

If any one reading this is engaged take my word for it enjoy the day it goes so fast. I know everyone says that and it’s really true. What I do remember from that day it was Gypsy Days so it was a hassle to get to the church and had to take many side streets to get there! Ohhh my dress to this day I am still in love with it, it’s probably a good thing it doesn’t fit anymore and that it’s packaged away to preserve it. Maybe one day I will want to do something special with it.  My colors were blush, ivory and grey. My bridesmaids picked out different dresses all in the blush color. The guys wore charcoal grey tuxes. I found the cutest flower girl dress on Etsy and bought the cutest 2T tux for my nephew. The flowers were perfect, the decorations were perfect everything that I was so stressed about was perfect. If you can, I highly suggest hiring a decorator! We hired Simply Designs out of Huron and they did all the work so I didn’t have to stress about trying to decorate in the middle of the night since there was a wedding the day before. The only thing that went wrong that day and my amazing personal attendants took care of it before I even knew was our party bus didn’t show up at the right time so we had to wait for them. There fault not ours, they went to the wrong church. We partied from the time we got on the bus until we got shut down by the venue.

Enjoy this throwback Thursday collage of our day 4 years ago! To everyone that attended our wedding THANK YOU it wouldn’t have been the day it was without you there. If you weren’t there hopefully you can enjoy these pictures and feel like you were there celebrating too!

The next day we spent the day in the grain cart, nothing like starting your life as a farmer’s wife right then and there!


Happy Anniversary Dalton. Love you!

Much Love 💋,


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