Welcome handsome boy! 

How fitting for this post today …. a year ago today we found out we were pregnant!! We were sooo excited and happy after trying for awhile. The first couple weeks were great no morning sickness or anything bad until we went to on vacation and then on the way home morning sickness struck! Having that on a plane is never fun! 16 weeks hit and it went away thank goodness!

Boy or girl in a couple days we will know!!!

** Time got away from us and 22 weeks was my last picture until 38 weeks. Oops!! We will try better next baby but then I think ya right haha! **

In March we found out we were having a boy!!!! My husband and I both found out at the ultrasound appointment but we kept it from our family until that weekend and we had a gender reveal! I ordered a 3 layer cake with the middle being blue. Everyone thought it was gonna be a boy and they were right!

The rest of the pregnancy went good! We went in for our 39 week appointment on A Tuesday for another ultrasound to check measurements. They estimated him right under 9 lbs. my doctor decided to induce me that Thursday, only 2 days before my actual due date! We started the induction at 6 AM and by 6:09 PM our son Briggs was born!!! He was healthy and that’s all that mattered! He weighed 9 lbs 10 oz and was 22 inches long! So much for under 9 lbs! 😬

He is one loved little boy and our whole world. We don’t know what we did without him before, except have a full nights sleep! 😊



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