The Remodel … Part 2

Our Old House … The Remodel Part 2 ~ The put back together…

FINALLY … after all the demolition of the house, it was finally time to put it back together! WooHoo!

The built in for the tv where the fireplace used to be.
Framing where the door used to be from the master to the kitchen.
Sheetrock is up in the living room.
Dinette put back together.
Built in for the tv.

If you noticed the big hole that was once there is now patched in and the reason we couldn’t keep the awesome wood floors. We ended up choosing carpet for the living room.


Master bedroom closet under the stairs.
Master bedroom – there used to be a door to go to the kitchen.
Spare bedroom built in and the new closet.

With lots of mudding and filling in screw holes it was finally time to texture!! One step closer to being done with the remodel! I did chose an orange peel texture

The texture is up and its time to paint! My favorite part!!!
The texture is up and its time to paint! My favorite part!!!

Now that the texture is up I had to pick paint colors! I remember being very overwhelmed having to pick paint and flooring!

Flooring and Trim
soo many colors to chose from

Since, Dalton and I both had full time jobs we would not have gotten the painting done in a reasonable time without the help of his parents!!!! His mom is an awesome painter!

Check out next week to see the final touches and finished product!


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