Our Old House …. The Remodel … Part 1.

Our Old House … The Remodel
Part 1 ~ The teardown and gut!

You first saw the pictures of the house right after we bought it. At first we didn’t plan on gutting the whole house and starting over everything from walls to the electrical. We were just going to take off the wallpaper and paint and fix here and there so we could get out of the parents house and live in our new home! Well, one thing led to another and as my thought and my father in law’s you might as well just do it all at once and make sure its right! So in started the gutting and tearing down! We found some really interesting things while we tore down walls, fireplaces and chimneys, 2 of them to be exact! We did all the work ourselves with some help from friends and family. We also had a little help from the plumber {we replaced the pipes and added some for the washer and dryer downstairs} and an electrician.

And so it began...
And so it began…
living room
living room

We went to work during the day and would come home and work on the house. Very long days and lots of hard work, mostly by the husband and his father.

From the kitchen looking into the dining room.
From the kitchen looking into the dining room.

We completely opened up the kitchen and dining room area. We got rid of the dinette area because it was useless space for us so we just decided to open it all up. We saved the awesome wood and glass door that used to open into the dinette area and decided to use it as the door for going upstairs.


The old dinette area completely gutted no more walls closing it off.


Remember this archway from the last post? You won’t believe what we found in it! We had to take it down because the hubby couldn’t walk underneath it without having to duck! hahaha We decided that this archway was put up later and not the same time as the house was built because…. the dates on these!



We found empty alcohol bottles in the archway walls! Haha they even still had a Kessler’s sticker from back in the day! I think the carpenters liked their Calvert Reserve! If only the walls could tell stories!

Here are just some remodeling pictures!

IMG_0439 IMG_0441
Look at that gorgeous fireplace 😦

Old dinette area
dining room
looking into the living room. Can you see where the old cabinets used to be.
Looking from the living room into the hallway at the bathroom (or what used to be)
spare bedroom gut… still rocking the blue and black shag carpet
master bedroom closet under the stairs (used to be a chimney in the closet too from top floor to the basement taken out)
the bathroom – there used to be a window as you can tell but that was already covered up by the shower and newer siding.
master bedroom
As you can see my fireplace is now officially gone. It went through all the way to the basement and the guys took it out brick by brick.

After we got down all the lath and plaster we finally could remove the nasty dust filled carpet! Check out the gorgeous wood floor we found underneath!!!

Living room completely gutted and carpet removed. Finally on the upward swing!
Soo awesome!


looking at the spare bedroom
From the hallway looking through the master bedroom to the kitchen thought the old door.

 IMG_0501 IMG_0504

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