Our Old House …. Before the Remodel

Now that I finally have a computer I can finally share our house remodel!

Spring of 2012 we bought our 1st home! It was definitely a small house that needed some major work! Let’s just say it looked like it was from the 60s and 70s! We bought it from a couple who were older and wanting to move to Aberdeen. According to our neighbors back in the day, this house was ordered from a magazine and all the pieces to put it together were sent here and then they had to put together. Interesting!!!!

Here are some of the pictures of the house the day after closing on it!

Walking in from the front door into the living room.
My favorite part of the house was the fireplace and mantle and unfortunately we didn’t keep it in the remodel.

Check out that lovely GOLD shag carpet we had! We actually to this day still have it in the front entry way since we didn’t end up remodeling that with everything else.
I don’t know if you can tell or not but from the wall to the ceilings its curved! There weren’t any straight lines in this house and this really bugged me I like straight lines and straight walls! I know this is a cool feature in older homes and if Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict saw what we did with this remodel, she would not like me very much!

IMG_0397 IMG_0396

Windows in the living room

Looking into the dining room.
Looking into the dining room.

If you go left it leads into the 2 bedrooms and bathrooms and to the right is the entryway! If you see this house had so many doors into small rooms. You can’t see in this picture but there’s a door to the kitchen on the left and to the right there’s also another door! Don’t worry I saved all the doors! (Even used some of them in our wedding decorations)

Built in Cabinets!
Built in China cabinets.

These were built into the archway on each side! We ended up taking these out and they are still being used in the in-law’s house.

The kitchen!
The kitchen!
Looking into the dinette are next to the kitchen.
Looking into the dinette are next to the kitchen.

Notice the lovely yellow flower wallpaper… on the ceiling. Now we didn’t really do too much remodeling in the kitchen at this time, to my dismay but it’s still holding up now. We will see if I ever get to do anything to it or not.

Old Stove that still works.
Old Stove that still works. {still available}

Fun Fact: he owner’s bought a newer stove and they said it didn’t work as good as this one so they went back to using the old one!

Windows in the dinette area.
Windows in the dinette area.
Old school fan and light in the dinette area too!
Old school fan and light in the dinette area too! {We still have this if anyone happens to want it 😉 }

Now to go to the other side of the house. If you take the hallway from the living you can go upstairs or the master on the right, bathroom and spare bedroom on the left!  I don’t have full pictures of each of the rooms but have some of the details in them!

The bathroom!
The bathroom!

More lovely flower wallpaper this time PINK! This was also on the ceiling. With lovely pink tile surrounding the bathroom!

Master bedroom.
Master bedroom.

You can’t see it in the picture but there is actually a door there on the right that leads into the kitchen! We closed that door up and have only 1 entrance into the bedroom.

Spare bedroom.
Spare bedroom.

Now this was a lovely room! Blue and black shag carpet and more wallpaper! In this spare bedroom closet the other side of the fireplace was taking up most of the room. I was for sure there was gonna be some kind of dead body behind it once we took the fireplace out! 😉

Bookshelf in the spare bedroom.
Bookshelf in the spare bedroom.

I think this came straight from The Brady Bunch house!



The upstairs in the house we didn’t redo either but, here’s what it looks like minus the very very heavy sofa sleeper that the guys had to haul down. The chimney is no longer there either.

That’s all I have! Here are some other pictures I had taken of cool things/things that the old owners left for us to take care of.

IMG_0392   IMG_0389

The cool old fridge and freezer that was down in the basements.

Can’t wait to show you the remodel!!!! Coming up next week, so check back!

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