What to blog about?

So it’s been a week, almost going on two, since my last post. šŸ˜£ At first I had debated back and forth what to write about or what to start off with. I have so much I want to share but where do I start?! So to make my life a little more organized, those who know me at all, know I like an organized and planned out day/week and sometimes a month. šŸ˜Š
So with everything else I do, I made a list! I have so many lists, most of the time I get them all done. From the normal grocery lists to cleaning lists and which stores to stop at in order, I have them all! I can share some of my lists that have helped me and might just help you!
I made a list of the different subjects along with a day of the week! Here’s what I’ve came up with and will hopefully will bring some organization into the blog and what to write a about! WooHoo!!!

My list ended up taking me a whole week to write with a lot of scribbling it all out and starting over. I really struggled with it and I usually don’t struggle at all with lists.

Here’s what I came up with finally!

Monday – {Weekly Plan}
Tuesday – {Recipe Tuesday}
Wednesday – {DIY}
Thursday – {Thursday Treasures}
Friday – {My Favorites}
Saturday & Sunday – I won’t be blogging on Saturdays & Sunday’s, so that I am able to spend time with my family. If I get behind I will catch up on these days . Sunday’s are also my prepping and meal planning for the week.

There you have it! My first list on the blog! If you’ve written a blog before and have any suggestions or just some information leave a comment and let me know!!!

Much Love šŸ’‹


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